Rattan decorative items should be a part of your home or office because they add an extra layer of appeal to it. Even if you have trendy furniture in your space, a contemporary design helps to revamp the room's decor. Therefore, we've selected some of the best rattan decorative items that have been beautifully woven.

Rattan, on the other hand, is a material that is used in designing wicker furniture. Trending patio furniture sets are also made with it. These are units that are durable due to their build material. As such, they won't degrade easily from exposure to harsh weather. To that effect, give the following decorative items your utmost consideration:

1. Napa Home & Garden Burma Rattan Offering Bowl

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The Napa Home & Garden Burma Rattan Offering Bowl serves a lot of purposes. You can use it to store your car keys, cards, jewelry, or place some flowers on it. Just imagine what it would be like to have this bowl in your living room with some beautiful flowers running down it. It'll add a classic touch to the room.

As would be expected, this bowl is made of rattan material. It has been tightly woven to make it durable. It also comes in an appealing color. Therefore, consider using it in your living room, sunroom, bedroom, or even the office. The unit's designer has also specified that the bowl is best suited for indoor usage. On the other hand, this bowl sells for about $200.

2. QQXX Wicker Umbrella Holder

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A decorative rattan item that will also serve multi-purposes is the QQXX Wicker Umbrella Holder. It is furniture that can be used as an umbrella storage unit, or sundries storage container. Therefore, you can store your items in this furniture once you step into your home or office. Having guests over on a rainy day? They, too, can keep their umbrellas here.

On the other hand, this furniture is beautiful, which is one more reason why it should be a part of your home. It has been made from high-quality material to ensure it stands the test of time. The price of this furniture is $243.

3. Sagebrook Home 15305 Rattan 15" H Globe Decor

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There's the Sagebrook Home 15305 Rattan 15" H Globe Decor, and it's another item of furniture that should rock your private space. It'll add richness to the room and give you something to admire from time to time. Interestingly, this globe can serve as a plaything since it's rotatable.

So, feeling bored at home or you'd like to take time off work while in the office, you can play with this globe. Carefully swing it from side to side, and who knows, you may liven your day and feel refreshed to resume your work. The Sagebrook Home 15305's price is $132.95.

4. Handmade Wicker Wall Panel Decorative Wall Panel for Home Decorative

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The Handmade Wicker Wall Panel Decorative Wall Panel for Home Decorative can be hung on the wall in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and wherever you deem fit. This is a handmade wicker wall panel that comes in a round shape.

Interestingly, this unit is made of newspapers that have been tightly wounded. Its decoration is carried out using acrylics and varnish. On the other hand, you may choose to use this furniture as decor for home or a housewarming gift to family and friends. You'll be paying around $66.13 to own this furniture.

5. Rattan Magazine Holder


Ever tried a Rattan Magazine Holder? If no, then you should. Instead of having heaps of magazines, newspapers, and novels lying around the place, you can organize them using this furniture. When the magazines are organized, you can quickly find an exciting read or your favorite copy.

Asides from being clutter-free with this furniture, this holder adds more elegance to your room. And its rattan build makes it durable. Therefore, it's an excellent alternative to adding a desk in the room. It'll hold your books, notepads, folders, and a range of other items.


Rattan decorative items are ideal for homes or offices; therefore, take a pick from the ones we've outlined above. They'll help you to organize your books, umbrella, and other items. The bottom line, you get a combo of storage and decorative items.