Patio side tables provide an excellent spot for you to place your snacks, drinks, books, etc. while enjoying your outdoor space. You can use these tables to complement your patio loveseats, cane chairs, 3-piece wicker patio set, etc. And if you don't have any of these units, do well to check our review on each.

On the other hand, side tables differ from regular or coffee tables. They are placed beside a table or a sofa such as conversation sofa sets. The height of these tables is comparable to that of a sofa arm; hence, they are taller than coffee tables. Here's a list of the best patio side tables you can buy.

1. Pangea Home Sunset Side Table

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Sporting a plain black color and simple design is the Pangea Home Sunset Side Table. It's sleek and looks modern; hence, it's worth being a part of your patio. This chair is made of aluminum, which makes it durable. You can either use it indoors or outdoors and with a unit like the high back patio furniture.

Furthermore, the wide surface of this table provides enough room for your food, snacks, drinks, and books. It'll also hold other items without breaking down thanks to its build material. And despite its size, it's still a very compact unit that can be stored with ease. The price of this furniture is $1,208.

2. Living Room Set Three Tiers 1/4 Round Tempered Glass Side Table

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The Living Room Set Three Tiers 1/4 Round Tempered Glass Side Table is an appealing unit that can blend with any furniture you use with it. You could mix up things and place it with your small backyard patio furniture and so much more. The ability to do so can be tied to its transparent glass design.

Coupled with that, the unit is supported with steel to give it enhanced support and strength. Further, there are three tiers on this unit; hence, asides from placing items on it, you can also turn it into temporary storage. That's more than enough room to hold your things. Despite this sufficient storage space, the unit still maintains a compact build. Its price is about $500.

3. Pixel Burst Side Table by Yves Behar

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Another solidly built furniture is the Pixel Burst Side Table by Yves Behar. It sports a sleek design, and it is available in brown color. This piece of furniture is suited for indoor or outdoor usage. If you choose to use it outdoors, you may have to reduce its exposure to water or moisture, given its build material.

What's more, this chair comes with anti-theft security feet. Therefore, you won't lose your property easily to miscreants. The wide surface of this table makes it large enough to support a large tray or even hold several books at a time. That means you can look forward to enjoying your outdoor space with a unit of this nature installed. It'll cost you about $1,000 to purchase this unit.

4. Home Wicker Side Table

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The Home Wicker Side Table brings the classic design of the 1960s into your outdoor space. This is a furniture that is made from wicker material. It's weather-resistant, and won't break down from exposure to the sun, water, wind, and other outdoor elements. The table's strength is as a result of the material used to make it.

On the other hand, this is a very portable unit. It'll take very little space wherever you place it. Therefore, if you're managing your backyard space, or worried about having too many furniture lying around, you can opt for this table. Its price is $450.

5. Home Round Wood/Metal Silhouette Table with Nylon Rope-Strung Base

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One more patio side table to check out is the Home Round Wood/Metal Silhouette Table with Nylon Rope-Strung Base. Like others on the list, this is a small and compact unit that has been designed for several outdoor uses. It features a broad base that is large enough to hold drinks, food, etc.

What's more, the table is made of wood, and it features a black color. Learn how to maintain your outdoor furniture, and you'll be able to preserve the classy build of this unit. This table sells for $499.


Patio side tables are excellent units that'll ensure you enjoy your outdoor space. You'll be able to entertain yourself while sitting on your sofa, thanks to these units. That being said, take the bold step and purchase one of these.