Patio furniture egg chairs are stylish units to have in your home. They create a cozy place for you to sit back and relax while enjoying a snack, book, movie, etc. The egg design of these chairs also creates the illusion that you're in a partial enclosure. And that can give a sense of security while also giving you great comfort.

What also makes this unit peculiar is the wicker material that makes it withstand the harsh impact of the weather. That is to say; these units are waterproof and generally weatherproof. Therefore, give the following patio furniture egg chairs your utmost considerations:

1. SQINAA Hanging Egg Hammock Chair Cushions Without Stand


The SQINAA Hanging Egg Hammock Chair Cushions Without Stand is a piece of furniture with an egg design. The chair is made of 100% Polyester that is UV-resistant and fade-resistant. According to the chair's designer, this unit comes with a cushion that is made to offer immense comfort. You get enough space to sit and stretch.

What's more, the sofa comes with a headrest pillow with string ties for comfortable seating. Consider using this furniture in your patio as a dining chair, rocking chair, and so much more. The price of this furniture is $125. And it'll be a great idea to pair this furniture with a patio side table.

2. DBWIN Furniture Waterproof Rocking Cushion

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The DBWIN Furniture Waterproof Rocking Cushion also comes highly recommended. It's a patio egg chair that's made from rattan material. The latter is water-resistant and UV resistant. Hence, you can comfortably use it outdoors without worrying that it'll breakdown in no time.

Also, this unit comes with thick pillows to give your body maximum comfort. Its designer says the chair is dense enough to ensure you do not feel the structure of the rocking chair. The price of this unit is $215. Therefore, if you're out to get cheap patio furniture, here's one to try.

3. DBWIN Furniture Waterproof Rocking Cushion

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The DBWIN Furniture Waterproof Rocking Cushion is another unit from DBWIN. This one has also been solidly built with wicker material. The furniture is water-resistant, and as such, it won't break down from exposure to water. You can also maintain it using a damp cloth. But given the brownish color of the cushions, you won't always have to wash the cushion covers.

Over and above that, this unit has thick pillows that ensure you don't feel the structure of the wicker chair. Its pad also helps to reduce body weight pressure and also increases the level of comfort you get. The pads are also easy to maintain, given that you only need to put them in a washing machine to get them clean. This furniture sells for $215. A great piece of furniture to pair with is a coffee & cocktail table.

4. OLLOLCCY Hanging Basket Swing Chair Cushion

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There's also the OLLOLCCY Hanging Basket Swing Chair, and this unit sports a stylish design. Its fill material is cotton; hence, you get a comfortable and breathable material to support yourself with. This furniture is ideal for use as a rocking chair, patio chair, kitchen chair, amongst others.

Further, it's also easy to care for the unit. First off, you can use a mild detergent to clean the cushion. And after a thorough cleaning, let it dry. When there's a need to replace the cushions, you can opt for different ones while still maintaining the structure of this unit.


For your comfort, consider the patio furniture egg chairs outlined above. They have been built to give immense pleasure while also standing the test of time. These are units to have in your home or business premises.