Patio dining sets with umbrellas are a must-have if you're looking to dine out even on a hot summer day. You won't sit directly under the sun, and neither will you be put off with having meals outdoors when the weather is warm. If you'd like to actualize this, it starts with choosing a set of this kind. And not just any out there!

Your goal is to choose a patio dining set with an umbrella hole and an umbrella that won't break down on a windy day. Therefore, a unit that offers this level of protection needs to provide maximum strength and support. The dining sets reviewed below are an excellent place to start.

1. PHI VILLA 10ft Patio Umbrella Outdoor 3 Tier Vented Table Umbrella with 8 Sturdy Ribs

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The PHI VILLA 10ft Patio Umbrella Outdoor 3 Tier Vented Table Umbrella with 8 Sturdy Ribs boasts of providing you enough shade from the hot sun. It comes with a three-tier vented top that enhances air circulation. Therefore, you'll feel quite comfy while enjoying your patio.

The umbrella is made of polyester fabric, and it is waterproof. It's also breathable to ensure there is a free flow of air in and out of the umbrella. And even better, you have the full control of the umbrella since you get to adjust it better to block the sun's rays. The price of this set is $131. Its previous buyers said the set is easy to assemble and great value for money.

2. Flash Furniture Nantucket 6 Piece Black Patio Garden Set with Table

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The Flash Furniture Nantucket 6 Piece Black Patio Garden Set with Table also comes with an umbrella. The entire unit features a black color to make them a perfect match. And the umbrella is wide enough to protect you from the hot sun. Besides, this is a tiltable umbrella on a steel pole.

What's more, the table has tempered glass with a metal-base. It can also be cleaned easily. On the other hand, the chairs have a lightweight design to enable you to transport them wherever you want. Hence, you can change the setting of this unit. The price of this furniture is $277. Customers who purchased it said this furniture does not rust even when exposed to harsh weather.

3. Mainstays Albany Lane 6-Piece Folding Seating Set


The Mainstays Albany Lane 6-Piece Folding Seating Set comes with an umbrella mounted on the center of a table. The umbrella provides sufficient shade from the sun, and its material is Olefin. On the other hand, the table has a tempered glass top to enhance its safety in case it breaks.

Further, the chairs have a powder-coated steel frame, which gives them support. You're also advised to use a mild soap when cleaning this piece of furniture. And most importantly, rinse it thoroughly before allowing it to air dry. The Mainstays Albany is available in different color options, including black, blue, and red. And the price of the black variant is $166. Considering its price, this a patio furniture on a budget.

4. Home Wear Wood Round Table with Umbrella and 2 Chairs Patio Table

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The Home Wear Wood Round Table with Umbrella and 2 Chairs Patio Table comes with two simple chairs and a table with an umbrella. These units feature a blue, white, and brown color that'll brighten your patio. The units are made from polyester and weather-resistant sturdy wood.

Coupled with that, these are portable chairs. As such, you get to put them away quickly whenever you no longer need them. What also makes this set a good buy is its small size. Hence, if you're in dire need of small backyard patio furniture, you've found a good one. It'll cost you $90 to acquire this unit.

5. Albany Lane 6-Piece Folding Dining Set

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Finally, you can fall back on the Albany Lane 6-Piece Folding Dining Set By Mainstay. You get an outdoor dining set in tan color. There's also the patio umbrella to shield you from the sun and create a cozy atmosphere.

And for the chairs, they are lightweight but strong enough to offer maximum support. Now weighing much ensures they can be moved with ease. Thus, you can switch things up to see which placement is the best. This furniture's price is $180. According to previous buyers, this furniture is easy to assemble. However, the umbrella can tear if not handled with care.


These are the best patio dining sets with an umbrella to buy. They'll reduce the potential of getting sunburns while out dining in your favorite spot on the patio. Please make a selection from these and see how well they work for you.