You ever wondered how to winterize your patio furniture? We'll show you how. Because the truth is, if you're able to winterize your Conversation Sofa Sets, Patio Dining Sets with Umbrellas, or High Back Patio Furniture, your furniture will stand the test of time despite the harsh weather.

On the other hand, winterizing your patio furniture involves preparing it for the winter. While these units may have been designed to withstand the impacts of the rain, sun, wind, etc. they may not be foolproof from harsh ice, snow, and wind. For this reason, the tips on how to winterize your wicker furniture are what you should fall back on. And they include:

#1. Clean the Unit:

Even before you consider storing your patio furniture this winter, it is essential to clean it. Cleaning reduces the potential for stains or corrosion to latch on it. Accordingly, here's how to clean patio furniture featuring different materials.

a. Clean the Wicker Sets:

Wicker is often made of authentic rattan or synthetic rattan. And this material features a finish that protects the material. Therefore, the best way to clean wicker patio furniture is to use warm water and mild soap. You can then proceed to give the unit a gentle scrub using a brush. After a nice wash, air out the unit to ensure it's completely dry.

b. Clean Metal Sets:

Metal sets may feature a powder coat finish, which makes them durable. Nonetheless, it's useful to use warm water with mild soap to scrub this furniture gently. Also, allow the unit to dry completely. And if there are parts that are in dire need of repair or repainting, it's worth doing so.

c. Clean the wood sets:

Soap and water can also do a great job of cleaning your wood sets. You'll also need a scrub brush or sponge to clean the furniture's surface gently. And when you're through, sundry the furniture. If there are parts that need painting, sanding, etc. take the extra time to work on them.

d. Cleaning Cushions & Umbrellas:

Sofas and regular chairs come with cushions, and these cushions can also be cleaned. The same applies to the umbrellas that serve as a protective covering for these units. The cushions often come with removable covers, hence, you'll be able to remove and wash them.

And if you're unable to remove them, take advantage of mild soapy water to cleanse the set. Over and above that, you should pay close attention to cleaning the debris on the cushions or umbrellas.

#2. Cover the Furniture:

Sofa coverings can be used to protect your furniture, whether it's left indoors or outdoors. However, it's better to cover the furniture and then transfer it into your basement, shed, or garage. And if you have a spare room, you can also move your furniture into it.

It's worth noting that there is a range of covers on the market. Some feature heavy-duty canvas which allows them to block moisture from the unit. It also helps to protect the unit from damage.

It may be needful to separate the entire unit into smaller parts. It'll ensure that you do not sacrifice a lot of space to store your furniture. Therefore, go ahead and stack the chairs, take off the cushions, separate components, etc.

#3. Store the Unit:

Finally, there's the step of ensuring that your unit has been safely stored. It could also be essential to remove the accumulated ice that is on the coverings of your furniture. In this case, it will prevent moisture from being absorbed into your unit. On the same note, it's crucial to assess the chairs once in a while to ensure that there are no critters on these units.


You'd agree that knowing how to winterize your patio furniture is important. It'll prolong the use of your furniture and ensure it stands the test of time. Therefore, try these and see how well they work for you.