We've outlined simple tips on how to make wicker furniture look modern. Wicker has a classic design that brings back memories of the 1960s and '70s. While some people find this ancient design appealing, you may have cold feet using this furniture in your indoor or outdoor space. However, you'll be losing out on having durable outdoor furniture by completely avoiding wicker material.

Now, there's no need to make a hard decision between looks and durability. This is because you can still add a modern touch to the contemporary look of these units. Therefore, if you own patio loveseats or generally, wicker patio set, you can give them the best of both worlds. This means you won't feel left behind by using wicker furniture since it has a touch of modern design.

But how do you begin? Consider the following.

1. Blend with Different Colors

Whether you own cane chairs or trending patio furniture sets, you can make them blend in nicely into your indoor space by improving the room's color. These units come with natural tones that can fit in easily with a range of colors. Therefore, consider matching your wicker furniture with wall colors such as white, lilac, peach, black, or yellow ochre.

2. Soften the Space

Your wicker furniture may come with square edges. If that's the case, it'll be ideal if you added a bit of softness to your space. Here, you'll be resorting to curvy elements that tend to make the space more homely. Some of these elements include vases, urns, vessels, coffee tables, etc. This is equivalent to decorating with wicker furniture indoors.

3. Add a Rug

Instead of leaving your wicker furniture on a bare floor, you can make it stand out by placing it on a rug. Consider it as a way of updating wicker furniture. The aim is to provide extra texture and make your space look more appealing. Therefore, get your hands on some quality rug and place furniture on it.

4. Use Cushions

There are replacement cushions for furniture to opt for. These cushions are in different designs; hence, you get to choose one that meets your eye and blends into your room's decor. These cushions can be spread on your conversation sofa sets to add a classy look and feel to them. There's the high-level comfort you'll be getting from using a unit of this nature.

5. Use Artworks

It's quite common to see artworks hung above wicker furniture to draw attention to the unit itself. And you too can do the same. You get to draw some attention to the wicker furniture you love so much by placing an impressive work of art around it. You'd keep people staring and trying to make out what meaning the artwork holds. While doing so, they'll be taking in the beauty of your wicker furniture.

6. Take Advantage of Lights

There are also beautiful lights you can use around your wicker furniture. These lights can be installed in ceilings or placed beside the furniture. They'll illuminate the unit and add an extra layer of beauty to it. Moreover, if you read or dine from your wicker furniture, having the area well illuminated will improve your visibility. Therefore, give it a try.


These are some of the ways to make wicker furniture look modern. You may have settled for a contemporary design, but you can take it one step further to improve the look and feel of your wicker furniture. Once that is in place, your wicker furniture won't look out of place but will be a perfect fit in the indoor or outdoor space you've chosen for it.