Ever wondered how much is ideal for spending on patio furniture? If that's a yes, you're not alone. However, it's a good thing you're giving it considerable thought even before diving into the market to pick the first furniture that catches your eye. Knowing how much to spend will also ensure you get a unit you're proud of and one that meets your needs.

But first off, patio furniture is units that are suited for outdoor uses. There's our list of new patio furniture recommendations for June 2020, for instance, and it has excellent units to buy. There are also patio furniture sets made with acacia wood, and these are all durable furniture. Accordingly, here's what to consider, even before making your first purchase.

Type of Material

Patio furniture is made of different materials. There's wicker furniture set with steel, patio furniture made of acacia or teak wood, aluminum, steel, etc. These are all different materials, and some last more than others, given that they are more resistant to the harsh weather.

Accordingly, you'll be paying more for furniture made of teak and even acacia wood. This means that before dishing out money, you need to know how long you intend your unit to last. If you plan on using it for just a few weeks or months, you could opt for furniture made of plastic or aluminum. But if you intend to use it for years, you're better off with furniture made of wicker, teak, or acacia.

Also, some materials are easier to maintain more than others. Wicker, for instance, can survive more impacts despite exposure to the wind, water, sun, etc. You'll only need to wash the chair's cushion covers occasionally. Teak, on the other hand, will need to be oiled from time to time to maintain its shine.


Your budget determines the patio furniture you buy. Hence, outline how much you're willing to pay for your furniture. Do you want cheap patio furniture, a moderately priced one, or an expensive one? Then decide.  If you want an affordable unit that's comfortable and charming, there's the Christopher Knight Home 304948 Larissa Outdoor Bistro Set, and this furniture costs $142.93.  The unit is made from durable iron, and it's ideal for the backyard, patio, or garden.

A piece of moderately-priced patio furniture to consider is the 4 Piece Wicker Sofa Patio Furniture Set Dining Table. It'll cost you about $500 to purchase this furniture. And given that it's a sofa, you get more comfort while seated. There's also the wicker design of the unit that makes it weather-resistant. It'll be useful to learn how to winterize your patio furniture to help you maintain this furniture.

Finally, more expensive options include the Walker Edison Furniture Company AZORTRI5PBU. It's a modular sectional sofa that is made from acacia wood. As such, it won't fall apart easily. The set is also extremely portable, which means you get to fit it in to even small spaces. Another unit to consider is the TK Classics Pub-WITHBACK-6 Napa Bar Patio Furniture. It's a dining set suited for outdoors.

Type of Furniture

Consideration has to be given to the type of patio furniture you want. And what may help you decide, in this case, is the available outdoor space you have. If you have a large space, then you can consider buying a sectional sofa that'll offer enough space to host small parties. It'll also serve as a place to sprawl on when you're enjoying the cool night or reading a book. One sectional patio furniture to consider is the 7 PC Patio PE Rattan Sofa Set Outdoor Sectional Furniture.

On the other hand, small patio furniture is ideal for small spaces. It'll fit in nicely in the available space and still give you room to move about. In this case, armchairs with a table or ottoman are ideal. It could be a small sofa or two armchairs with a table. This means you get a spot to relate with your partner or just meditate.

Small furniture can also be used in large spaces. If you don't want a large sofa lying around and taking a good amount of space, this type will do just fine. That being said, some of the best portable patio furniture include the N / A Merit 4 Pieces Patio Set.


The factors outlined above are what you should consider before deciding on how much to spend on patio furniture. Whether you settle for an inexpensive or expensive unit, you'll be buying one that meets your need.